An esports athlete is someone ho plays videogames competitively on a professional level. In several countries esports are recognised as a sports discipline, so those who play esports competitively can be called “esports athletes”. The main difference with a video gamer is that an esports athlete is not a casual player but a player who has mastered their favourite game to such an extent that their skill makes them suitable to compete for a prize.

The esports athlete course is intended for those who are just starting or are new to esports and wish to launch their esports career effectively and within a reasonable timeframe. It consists of two modules (basic and advanced) each of 120 hours (10 hours per week with live classes). The esports athlete course allows you to train and get in touch with associations and clubs that are interested in esports athletes.

The training course is not only aimed to provide the knowledge to start a professional career in esports but it is an opportunity to create a line-up ready to compete for team titles. A complete 6-month training cycle that allows you to acquire all the knowledge to start your professional esports career and be in contact with companies in the industry. This is an unmissable opportunity for all those who want to get involved and start their career as an esports athlete.

Traning programme

Bacis module - Introduction to esports

Course timetable: 17:00 to 22:00 / Monday to Friday.
Timetables may be changed and will be announced prior to the start of the course.

League of Legends (110 hours) - By Davide Di Guida

Game Fundamentals

  • Roles
  • Classes
  • Summoner Spells 
  • Runes 
  • Items
  • Vision 
  • Minion Waves 
  • Map Structure 
  • Elemental Map Changes 
  • Heralds
  • Drakes
  • Baron
  • Structure
  • Jungle camps 
  • Jungle Plants

Laning Fundamentals

  • Minions
  • Waves
  • Resources Management 
  • Vision Game 
  • Laning Fundamentals
  • Trading

Jungle Fundamentals

  • Jungle Fundamentals
  • Jungle Pathing
  • Ganking


  • Team Fight&Comp


  • Strategies
  • Objective Strategies 
  • Aggressive Options 
  • Objective Setup 
  • Level 1 

Complementary topics

  • Team Environment 
  • Drafting
  • Midgame
  • Communication 

Mental coach (10 hours) - by Matteo Ventura

  • Game basis
  • Mechanics pt.1
  • Mechanics pt.2
  • Team enviroment and group making
  • Division and importance of roles. Rules in team
  • Teamplay and soloq. Find your balance
  • Tournament preparation, correct approach
  • Strategies/tactics (open mind)
  • Strategies tactics (process and training)
  • Feedback time


About Davide Di Guida:
"Davide “sotze” Di Guida is a Professional Coach for League of Legends.
He has been working as Head Coach for Amateurs and Professionals Teams for 5 years in the meantime, he did more than 3000 hours of Individual Coaching with players spacing from Iron to Challenger.

He has developed a structure to approach the game in a methodical way which will lead everyone to easily understand complex mechanics.

League of Legends bio:"

About Matteo Ventura:
"Matteo Ventura (Silent24) is a League of Legends coach specialized as strategic/Head Coach. He has been working as a coach for 2 yrs, in both 3rd italian division "Circuito Tormenta" (P11, Black Panthers, Apocalypse ASD, Checkmate) and 2nd italian division "Proving Grounds" (P11, 5th place). He has developed several projects as an esport educator and he's actually working on mental coaching and communication skills for League of Legends teams. "


The BASIC MODULE will take place from 16 January to 17 April in English (Prices including VAT)